Lyrics Romanow - Lover, Stalker, Killer

Music & Lyrics: Renzo Albisetti


i kiss your ripped up lips

inhale your dying breath

these eyes, no they won't shine

nomore for someone else


hail to the black noise in my head

while i hold your broken neck

you could have been the one

to give me hope again


but soon they will be after me

chain me and lock me away

but they won't luck up my sweet memories

of kissing and licking your feet


time to bit farewell

with my head on your lifeless chest

i kiss your sore eyed face for one last time


but soon we'll be together again

forgotten all the horror and screams

i feel the sorrow but i know it's not the same

no i will never regret


the rain starts drummin on a coffin lid

to the floating tunes of a wrist cutter serenade

a broken family has gathered to say goodbye


and all that's left for your poisoned soul

is a hot bath and a cold razor blade

you can't shake it off

or burn it out

or wash it away