Lyrics Romanow - Outside

Music & Lyrics: Renzo Albisetti


hey you

you on the other side

wrapped up in skin so beautifully

you make me feel so small


what a fool I am

still try to play this game

although I know you're the referee

and make the rules up as you go


but I will arise from ash

on one eye blind

fall back into denail


and I am with you

no matter what they say

so please no questions

and you won't hear no lies

I am with you

in the center of the storm

and what more could you ask for

then dying in the place of someone you love


sweet misery

you taste like honey to me

and happiness is like greed

just a bottomless pit

so dear loneliness

I start flooding my veins

with booze and pills

to wash out my memories

nature beats nurture everytime

so don't kid yourself

we never had a chance