Lyrics Romanow - The Clothes of Heaven

Music & Lyrics: Renzo Albisetti


beautiful what are you waiting for

i'm with my back up against the wall

and i guess you never knew

what you were lokking for

you just kept playing your little game


this golden frame around the perfect you

i keep pointing out all of my mistakes

there won't be changes, no it all just dies

and you gone slough my love

like a snake it skin


beautiful please tread softly now,

cause you tread right upon my dream

just remember the fact that

you're only protected

by your own precious and tender skin


revealing beats of your cheating heart

right through your breaking

voice on the telephone

still there's this picture of me and you

but we're bleeding out like

rose on a steaming hood


i fell in love with your blood shot eyes

found rest for my soul on a heap of shards

so many yellowed memories

glued on the walls i've build these days